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From friend-raising to fundraising

Why hire one person when you can hire an entire team for less?

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Strategic, data-driven, results-based “friend-raising” leading to fundraising

Grow donors and donations faster, easier, and for less

Have you struggled to hire the right person or staff for marketing or fundraising? Why hire one person when you can hire an entire team for less? Why rely on freelance designers, writers, printers, or ad agencies that are not outcome based?

Affinity Connection is a full-service direct-marketing and communications solution for non-profits, associations, affinity groups and businesses designed to get results.

Whether your goal is to increase contacts in your existing database, accelerate your annual fund, improve your web site presence, develop newsletters, or enhance electronic communications—a partnership with Affinity Connection could maximize your outreach to potential donors and constituents.

By integrating and developing content, data, direct mail, online giving, and more, we streamline the execution for you and give your stakeholders a personal, meaningful experience that engages them with your mission.

Our one-stop shop creates and executes marketing strategies designed to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and alleviate administrative headaches for our clients. What will you do with the increased donations we can raise for you this year? 


Products and Services

Database Management

Affinity Connection uses the industry standard software, Donor Perfect, to manage contact information, gift history, contact logs, and more. The robust reporting tools allow ongoing analysis of your solicitation efforts.

Data Acquisition/List Services

Researching your donor profile to provide effective lists based on geographic, demographic and past giving information and other key criteria for addresses and email

Market Research/Content Strategy

Having an ongoing dialogue with donors, volunteers and the audience is critical. We bring these important points of view to every component of your communications program.


Affinity crafts messages that resonate with your key stakeholder groups through a creative discovery process to identify your project objectives and how they fit into your overall goals to generate messages and images that are effective.  All of our communications are based on a creative brief to provide editorial direction for your project.

Donation Processing System Coordination

Our third-party donation processing partner is fully bonded and insured, and is a high-security, surveillance lock box/caging operation which provides fast, secure and accurate recording and processing of gifts received through mail or online, by check or credit card, depending on your preferences. All data is fully integrated into Donor Perfect database and your website.