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About Affinity Connection

Affinity Connection opened in 1972 with one goal in mind: Deliver value to your affinity group’s members and manage and cultivate relationships with those members to benefit your organization.

We are the leading provider for affinity group management solutions. Simply put, Affinity Connection significantly improves organizations’ overall health.

Located in State College, Pa., Affinity Connection provides a platform to assist affinity groups in not only achieving their friendraising goals, but wildly exceeding them. We also maintain responsible stewardship of your organization’s resources. Having the right mix of professionals from a variety of fields allows us to tackle your organization’s friendraising and community building goals head-on. We have more than 20 professionals on staff from the fields of marketing, development, information technology, account management, print and web production and design.

We can provide valuable solutions throughout your organization, helping you achieve bottom-line results in:

  • Revamping your organization’s communications
  • Increase membership and member engagement
  • Create membership community
  • Database management
  • Internet, print and event marketing

Our Vision

Happy Members Lead to Successful Organizations

Affinity Connection is changing the rules of the affinity and non-profit game by applying best-in-class technology, more than 4 decades of industry knowledge, and award-winning marketing expertise - enabling groups to flourish much more quickly than ever before possible by driving community and member participation.

Affinity Connection believes that happy members lead to successful organizations. Our approach represents a new way for organizations to achieve their mission, by significantly strengthening the connections between members. Investing in community increases the likelihood that your members will support your organization financially and participate in your programs. We understand the burnout that comes from juggling a million details. We appreciate that board members are fed up with problems. And worse yet, we realize many members have negative attitudes and are unwilling to get involved or provide financial support.

Our mission is to help you overcome these obstacles and position your organization – large or small – to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission.