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Communicating in Times of Adversity

Out of adversity often comes a moment of truth—how fraternities handle these moments is critical to the future of Greek life.

As details unfold about the tragic death of Timothy Piazza at the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Beta Theta Pi, what steps is your fraternity taking to combat dangerous drinking, hazing and sexual assault? How are you communicating these actions to your alumni? 

The importance of communicating with alumni during times of adversity is often overlooked. It’s understandably difficult, yet still essential. Your alumni are your fraternity’s greatest asset, and they are eager to hear how their chapter is contributing to positive changes—and to weigh in on how important these changes are.

Fraternities were created to form friendships and provide values-based leadership training—unique benefits that alumni want to support. As much as possible be open and transparent about your challenges and successes. Create a dialogue to capture the point of view of your alumni members. This is critical at ALL times.

As a former fraternity volunteer I have a firsthand appreciation for your role, and as the owner of Affinity Connection I’ve been serving fraternity alumni for 17 years. If you need help communicating with your alumni, we’re here to help.

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