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Start Protecting Your Non-Profit's Future Now

You may have loyal donors whose gifts you can rely on now, but what happens after they’re gone?

Your donors are your non-profit’s greatest asset. You invest in keeping them connected with causes and issues that are important to them; they support your efforts to assure that you can continue your good work.

But what happens after that donor base is gone? Are you relying on younger generations to take their place? This isn’t your only option.

Planned giving offers donors the opportunity to make a longer-term impact beyond their annual support by including your non-profit in their estate planning. Planned gifts include bequests, life insurance, financial service products, gift annuities, charitable trusts and other methods of deferred giving. Planned gifts also provide tax benefits to donors.

Promoting simple planned giving opportunities will encourage donors to remember your cause in their financial and estate planning. Even a small number of donors arranging bequests, for example, could change the financial future of your non-profit.

Affinity Connection can add these marketing tools to your current annual program to help advance the mission of your non-profit!

Sounds like a good idea, right? Just what you need to take your organization to brand-new heights? But now what? Affinity Connection is the “now what” that combines one-to-one marketing with affinity expertise to actually put revolutionary new initiatives for your non-profit into action, and fast, so you start reaping the rewards now. We do the hard work for you, and you sit back and look like the hero.

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