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Spike Donations with Year-End Appeal

Preparing for fundraising in the fall to ensure that a secure plan is in place for year-end giving is essential for your alumni group’s success.

Think your group can get by without year-end giving? Think again. Even if you don’t offer tax-deductibility, here are some stats that show the benefits of appealing at the end of the year:

1 Network for Good Digital Giving Index
2 Nonprofit Insider Network Survey

Overall, it is widely recognized that year-end fundraising is most successful when presented as a critical part of your annual fund. This guarantees potential donors can see a clear, long-term plan in place, ready to make the most of their donations, making them feel secure in the knowledge that their gift will be used appropriately.

Affinity Connection creates results-driven, direct mail fundraising appeals proven to be successful among potential donors; handles digital outreach to increase awareness; and overall modifies your fundraising campaign to cater to the desired demographic of donors that you want to appeal to most, fully preparing your group to gain as much as possible from the holiday season. Find out more and start preparing for the months ahead.

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