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Your Stakeholders Know Something You Don’t

Are you a board member or executive director who knows your non-profit inside and out? Quick, name your organization’s key stakeholders? When was the last time you sought their direct feedback, and what did they have to say? How much of your strategic plan is based on their insights?

If you don’t have an ongoing dialogue with your stakeholders—not just a few top donors or board members—you’re missing out on important perceptions that shape your non-profit’s story in the marketplace. Uncovering these perceptions is as easy as conducting surveys and even selecting key individuals from each stakeholder group for in-depth interviews.

Don’t have time to analyze survey results? No one available to interview 10 people? Find the resources and outsource it. A third party will likely ask questions you haven’t thought about, and brings an objective approach to analyzing responses.

Conducting an audit by identifying and surveying your stakeholders should be a regular part of your planning process. This effort can help you in big-picture planning and tactical execution by collecting a treasure trove of feedback that can be mined for key messages and compelling content ideas.

Contact me to see a sample audit report to get a feel for how this project could make a major impact on your non-profit’s fundraising and communication program.

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