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How to Get Noticed This Holiday Season

Holiday and year-end giving is an important time, and your donors are getting piles of appeals between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don’t get thrown away with the catalogs. Here are a few ways to get your mailing noticed.

  1. Show. Direct. Impact.

Don’t be general. Fight the urge to be inclusive of all your activities. Read your tagline and ask yourself if another non-profit could easily apply the same language.

Be specific about the value of those all-important year-end dollars. You’re counting on them.

  1. Send Season’s Greetings

Yes, Facebook, iPhones, digital mumbo jumbo. Everyone loves a holiday card. A legitimate, personal, heartfelt wish. Recognize current and lapsed donors with a beautiful card this season (Link to Article 1), thanking them for their past help, wishing them happy holidays and reminding them of the impact their gifts make. Consider an exclusive or collectible design with a personal message of gratitude.

Follow-up with an electronic version that gives direct access to your online giving page.

  1. Get Really Personal

You’re already addressing letters using your donor’s name and acknowledging their past gifts (right???) so take the year-end opportunity to go bigger.

Have a select segment of holiday letters written and signed by a beneficiary, such as a student at your school, a library patron or an anonymous beneficiary of your services. Let them tell their own story, then polish it to make it its best.

Or, have your team hand-sign holiday cards for your top donors.

If your audience is online, produce a short “thank you” video starring the volunteers, beneficiaries and staff, for sending out via email and posting on social media and websites. Make it fun or make it moving, just make it special.

Whatever you choose, make an effort to let your donors know who they’re helping.


If you’re behind on prepping your year-end communications, don’t stress. We’re here to help. Reach out for a quick estimate on reaching your donors before the New Year.