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Are You Prepared for Your Best Fundraising Year Yet?

Fundraising trends come and go, but a well-maintained relationship between a donor and a non-profit lasts forever.

As predictions are made for 2018 fundraising, you’ll hear a lot of these trends recommended for you and your team, but are you focusing on the most important aspects when it comes to maintaining those donor relationships?

One big trend seeing a lot of interest is the increase in online giving, and making sure your website is prepared to accept these donations. In 2017, there were many prominent but avoidable hacking incidents, which may make some donors, particularly older generations, wary of outdated web forms, complicated online donation systems and difficulty of use. Not only do these issues cause a hesitancy for donors concerned with safe giving, but they also make a non-profit appear inadequate and outdated to younger donors, who are looking for easy electronic giving with as few steps as possible, via mobile devices.

Getting the donation is only the last step in the battle, though. Before you can deal with the trends surrounding online giving, a donor must be inspired to give, and, in an increasingly technological world, creating a real relationships between an organization and a donor is key.

Donor Relationships are Still Most Important

In 2018, it’s predicted emails will be less effective in recruiting first-time donors to an organization, and emails may be best reserved for donor retention. First-time donors may be more attracted by a more authentic and tangle means of outreach – direct mail for both appeals and gift recognitions is a great choice, something Affinity Connection has believed since our conception.

The one thing it’s expected more donors would like to see in 2018, regardless of how they see it? Successful goal setting. Donors want to see a non-profit’s goals, when they’re reached and what the results of reaching those goals are. Donors are more likely to give when they can see how their donations have had an impact, and, when they are shown how they are helping an organization reach milestones, they achieve a sense of more tangible success and importance to the organization.

The First Step?

By taking the right steps now, 2018 could be your most profitable year for fundraising! Before you focus on the fundraising fads, put your attention where it matters most – on the donor, with simple tactics that set your non-profit apart from the rest.

Start cultivating meaningful relationships with potential and current donors, and see the success you know is possible for your non-profit! Your 2018 goals are within reach – all you have to do, is take them. Get started, here.