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The Three Challenges Facing Non-Profits and How to Overcome Them

The three common challenges facing non-profits today are data, shrinking budgets and the inability to define a “why.”

Data Matters

Does your non-profit have a database? Is your database static? How are you maintaining your database? Are you dealing with bad data?

The first step to building a good database is by establishing the kinds of potential donors you want to reach, defining that potential donor criteria and then buying a credible list which includes those potential donors. Dedicate resources to your data and make it a priority. As you use, build and edit your database, follow best practices and continue to make improvement a priority.

Good data is invaluable. The more you know about your potential donors, the better you can connect with them through segmentation and personalization. Sending an appeal letter with a donor’s first name vs. “Dear Friend” is so much more effective! Ultimately, the better the data, the more donations you’ll receive.

Success in the Face of a Shrinking Budget

Many non-profits are facing a shrinking budget. As a director, marketer or other non-profit leader, you’re likely asked to do more with less, every year. How can you be expected to succeed?

Take a good hard look at your budget. Are you spending rather than investing in your money? Are you spending with a look at your short-term goals, rather than your long-term goals? How long are these methods sustainable? Are there items you can outsource to see a greater return on your investment?

Why are You Doing This in the First Place?

If you’re just existing to exist, you won’t be existing for long.

If you’re a little at a loss for words when asked about your “why,” start with your stakeholders. A stakeholder audit can help you discover what you’re actually offering your donors (not what you think you’re offering them). An audit also helps you establish a dialogue with those closest to your organization, as you ask the deep, open-ended questions and collect testimonials.

Once you discover your “why,” you can begin creating content that engages your donors, with common themes, key messages and a compelling case for support.

Need Help?

What’s the biggest challenge standing in the way of your fundraising success? Whether it’s bad data, shrinking budgets or a lack of connection with your audience, take the plunge and partner with an expert team that knows your pain, and how to solve it. Start here.