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Non-Profit Fundraising Free Tips

Having the right tools to maintain and strengthen relationships with current and future members is the key to your success. Improve communication with members. Strengthen your organization’s leadership. Streamline your marketing.

We have an array of tools to help your organization not only reach these goals, but excel in these and other areas. Here are a few we offer to get you started in the right direction.

Alumni Board Health Check

A great way to make sure your group is headed in the right direction.

How to Create a Newsletter People Eagerly Read

Tips to entertain your newsletter readers and increase reader donations.

Number One Way to Avoid Burnout

Maintaining momentum and consistency is important.

Non-Profit Application for USPS

Apply to mail as a non-profit organization.

October 2010 Newsletter

What you do today affects the funds you raise tomorrow. html

July 2010 Newsletter

How Gary Jones is raising $4 Million for Sigma Nu at Georgia Tech. html

Invest in Your Greatest Asset

Do you want more alumni support and are you willing to invest in caring for your alumni?