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Appeal Letters that Work

Our experienced team relies on a proven discovery process to generate messages that will resonate with your key stakeholders, motivating them to engage as donors. Every appeal letter we produce utilizes the highest levels of segmentation available to assure that recipients have a personal and meaningful experience that moves them to action.

Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal Letters include:

  • Creative brief
  • Editorial direction
  • Copywriting to meet your objectives and incorporate your donor point of view
  • One-to-one data driven copy, targeting based on donor history, age range, etc.
  • Personalized response device to capture donation information and biographical updates • Design/Layout
  • Art Direction
  • One, two or full color layout
  • Project Management from initiation through distribution
  • NCOA check, CASS certification, labeling, sorting and mailing
  • Segmentation for up to five donor groups (donors, lapsed donors, non-donors, geographic, giving level & more)
  • Includes showcase envelope and reply envelope

Terms: Postage and list purchase costs due up front—balance billed upon shipment.