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Sigma Nu Georgia Tech

Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Built on Solid Annual Fund Foundation

Led by passionate alumni volunteer, Gary Jones ’71, Georgia Tech’s chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity completed a $3.4 million fundraising project to renovate its house. Prior to this major project, Gary worked with Affinity Connection to set the stage for the fraternity’s campaign success.

A frequent, consistent and meaningful annual program helped triple the annual fund total and increase donor participation by 50%.

Sigma Nu utilized the Connection Package—a comprehensive program designed to engage alumni through print, email and online. Building on Gary’s commitment to the fraternity’s values of personal accountability and teamwork, Affinity Connection created content that featured in-depth profiles on alumni of all age ranges, illustrating the role of Sigma Nu in lifelong success in friendships, careers and life. Gary credits the legwork done in the annual fund for the success of the campaign, “Building the Future Today,” which resulted in a house for future generations of brothers.