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Producing Content Your Alums Actually Want to Read

Do you ever worry that your alums are receiving your latest newsletter — that newsletter that you put hours of hard work, sweat and tears into — and just throwing it in the trash? Don’t let that happen ever again. Produce content your alums can’t wait to read every month. Here are five valuable items to feature in your next eletter or newsletter.


1. Your Financials

Hold up. Don’t think that you should put a table of unexplained sums and figures in your next newsletter. That’s a snooze fest waiting to happen. Tell your alums what all those numbers actually mean. Where are their donations going? What are the house’s biggest expenses currently? Does everyone need to pitch in to buy a new stove? Make the financials real for your readers.


2. Your Donors

Everyone loves seeing their name in print! Add an honor roll to your next newsletter and show off each and every one of your members that have contributed to your capital campaign or other fundraising efforts. The thing here is to absolutely make sure that your list is accurate. An inaccuracy on your honor roll can turn your hopeful efforts of creating good content into a spiraling disaster.

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3. The News

We’ve all seen Greek life popping up in the news over the last few years. Don’t shy away from the ugly aspects of a few fraternities and sororities here and there. You know the truth about Greek life, so make sure your readers understand that you’re all in this together, whether you display that through a letter from your alumni group leaders or compiled quotes from your most well-respected alums. You all want the best for future generations of fraternity and sorority members and you’ll do what it takes to preserve the Greek way of life.

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4. Campus Happenings

Beyond your amazing fraternity or sorority, there’s one thing connecting all of your alums and that’s, of course, your college. Let your alums know what’s up on campus in relation to your fraternity or sorority.

Is homecoming coming up? Hype it up, but make sure to include ways alums can congregate during homecoming, or how they can visit the actives at the chapter house. Is there some campus construction going on? Let your readers know how it’ll affect their next campus visit, the chapter house they all love so dearly and any notable spots that everyone remembers.


5. Fond Memories

Your newsletters and eletters are the perfect places to bring up some great memories from throughout the decades. Never miss out on the chance to show off some awesome old photos from back in the day (everyone will get a kick out of those mile-high 50s beehives, your brothers’ 70s ‘staches and the endless 80s hair). Ask your members to contribute their fondest memories from their years in the fraternity or sorority house. Look up some alums that have been doing well for themselves and run a Q&A with them. You’ll find that there’s hardly anything else that inspires those warm and fuzzy feelings in quite the same way.


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