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There’s No Better Time Than Fall to Revamp Your Alumni Communications

Ah, fall! There’s a crisp chill in the air. The breeze smells like campfires and leaves. College football is on and it’s finally the perfect temperature to wear your favorite collegiate gear from back in the day. If you have fond memories of your college experience, then you know that fall truly is one of the best times of year. Now, it’s time to tap into those fond memories and use them to revamp your fraternity or sorority’s alumni communications. Here’s why.


1. Everyone’s Excited for the New Semester

Even if you graduated 40 years ago, if you still hold any affinity for your alma mater, you have at least a little bit of excitement for your school’s new semester. There are new kids on all the athletic teams and a whole season of games and tailgating to look forward to, and homecoming is right around the corner. Use this excitement to your group’s advantage by infusing your alumni communications with a healthy dose of college pride.


2. New Year, New You

With the fundraising season following the academic year, the fall is the perfect time to set your sights on new fundraising goals for your group. Roll out your fundraising goals in high style, broadcasting them to your members, and make sure you tell them why these goals are so important. Start celebrating each and every alum who gives to these goals. Remember, it’s a fresh start for your group’s fundraising efforts and anything can happen.


3. The Opportunities for In-Person Engagement are Endless

Fall is prime time for alumni returning to their alma mater. Use that to your advantage and make sure you have a healthy lineup of alumni events scheduled. Obviously your big events should be reserved for homecoming, but don’t overlook the smaller events, either. The right networking at a football tailgate can result in big donations!


4. The Giving Season is Upon Us

It’s no secret that people are more generous around the holidays. Make sure you start pushing holiday gifts earlier rather than later, and not just around Christmas time. Look to your alums ahead of Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, too. Think that these holidays are so far down the road that you don’t have to worry about them for the time being? Think again. Putting together an effective alumni communications push ahead of the holidays can take weeks or months of prep.


Of course, you have your own life. You can’t let your entire fall revolve around your alumni communications. Let Affinity Connection give you a hand. From Giving Tuesday campaigns to newsletters filled with fall fun, we have all your communication needs covered.