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Donors Want to Give Now More Than Ever

Why a pandemic is not the right time to stop communicating with your organization

If you’re thinking that now is a good time to put a pause on your fundraising efforts (there’s a pandemic on, after all), think again. Donors are wanting to connect more than ever and they’re opening their wallets in a sign of appreciation for the groups that make that connection happen.

There’s no way to get around it. We’re living in an uncertain, somewhat scary, time, a time in which it could be incredibly easy for us to all pull apart, isolate and stay safely within the confines of our own homes, with no one but our immediate families for company. However (and thankfully!) that’s not the trend we’re seeing among the alumni in the hundred-plus groups Affinity Connection works with.

Alumni are coming out of the woodwork to connect with their fellow alums virtually, in this time when we all need connection, friendship, support and good memories more than ever. They’re finding meaning in these connections, both old and new, and relying on them during these hard days — and the groups (including, we bet, others on your campus) who join the conversation are being rewarded financially as members respond generously.

Bottom line? Don’t stop communicating just because there’s a pandemic outside our doors. It is worth the investment. Your alums need you and your group now more than ever. In fact, they could probably use a little more communication on your part. Reach out to them — via email, mail, your website, social media — and let them know that you and all the members of your group are there to support them. You’re all in this together.

And if you don’t believe us, you can take it from some of the alums who’ve given feedback to their groups recently on just how much that recent communication means to them.

“As of writing this, in the middle of social distancing, I realize that over 90% of all my social contact outside of work in some way, shape or form all relates back to my days at ATO.”

“We can make it through a pandemic such as this by being an Alpha Chi and keeping in touch with various sisters we’ve met and know — those young and old. Maybe they’re just lonesome or depressed due to social distancing. Provide a phone call, text or email.”

“We just had a Zoom call with about 15 of my fellow brothers. Were it not for the pandemic, we probably would not have done it. And it was a blast! It has certainly gotten us to think about what is important in life. And friendships are at the top of the list!”

“COVID has shown us how important human to human contact is — the bonds created at Chi Phi (and other social organizations) are more noticeable when we get isolated. It tells us that human contact (family, brotherhood, friends) are vital.”

“This pandemic already has shown me the good in our sisters and how, with the help of Alpha Chi Omega, they are making the world better…”

"While this pandemic has brought on the practices of social distancing, ironically it has made me socially closer to my fellow brothers by reaching out to make sure everything with them is ok.”

Quarantine or no quarantine, with alums forced to stay home, it’s time to communicate. Remind your members what your group provides in terms of connections and life-long bonds. Offer the comfort of old friends and favorite memories. Then, give them a way to give back.

Join the groups who are already seeing donations roll in from keeping their group engagement up during this time. Talk to your account executive today about what you can do keep your members talking. Contact us at 800-598-4050 ext 131 or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.