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Grow Your Business By Putting Potential Customers’ Needs Before Your Own

In 2017, the company saved plants and factories across the United States approximately $100 million through these preventative measures made possible via KCFs patented technology. Savings continued to soar in 2018, growing to $250 million. In 2019, savings tripled, reaching $750 million. Now, in 2020, KCF hopes to help customers save an astonishing $2 billion.

But before KCF can change the lives of American manufacturers and the trajectory of American manufacturing, theyve got to get their products and services in the hands of those decision-makers who need them most, and thats where KCFs smart approach to marketing comes in.


Its All About the Consumer

You wont spot KCF on a billboard or a print ad for their products in a niche magazine. Instead, KCF puts all of its marketing efforts into creating marketing materials that actually offer value to the potential consumer. Theyre not out to make a quick buck. KCF wants to see all American manufacturers succeed, whether they work with KCF or a competitor.

Because of this, KCF has invested in groundbreaking marketing materials that, honestly, are so far away from traditional marketing that you might not even recognize them as marketing at all. For example, take KCFs in-house magazine, American Plant Manager. It features a few plugs for KCFs products, sure, but the bulk of the beautifully-designed magazine is articles written to help the reader save money in their plant, make their plant safer and improve their performance on the job. Similarly, KCF produces ebooks available for free on their website, which cover tips and advice for plant managers.

By putting the focus on the good of the potential consumer versus the sale, KCF has gained the trust of a robust portfolio of clients, enabling KCF to help those clients save millions of dollars each year.

Could your business whether youre in tech or any for-profit industry benefit from a marketing strategy like this? If so, lets talk. Affinity Connection is well-versed in helping our clients create beautiful marketing materials that offer true value to your potential customers, helping you gain their trust and in turn, their business.

"We have worked with Affinity Connection and their team to be our back shop marketing and sales support shop,said KCFs Vice President of Sales, Ben Lawrence. Instead of hiring a VP Marketing to support of aggressive plan to grow by $20 million over three years, I hired a team of seasoned pros from Affinity data experts, lead generation and direct marketing expertise telling our story to thousands of plant managers around the country. They are all about results as we are at KCF.


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TIPS 1: Dont Rely on Wealthy Donors

So, you and your fundraising board are looking to meet some pretty hefty financial goals in the coming year. You have a few wealthier potential donors in your sights. They have lots of money, so they should give, right? After all, they have some sort of connection to your cause and all that money. Why wouldnt they?

Unfortunately, just because a potential donor is wealthier than others, doesnt mean theyll be easier to sway when it comes to obtaining donations. Wealthy donors are still going to ask the same questions the average donor will ask.

Whos asking for my money?

How much do you want, specifically?

Why should I give?

What will be done with my money?

Why is this money needed right now?

How soon are you going to ask me for money again?

No matter who a potential donor is, theyre going to go through this series of questions (or something like it) in their heads before they commit to a donation.

So, how well are you helping potential donors regardless of wealth answer these questions in your asks, whether youre sending an appeal letter, newsletter or eblast? Are you hooking them and getting them interested in your cause? Showing them the whyand the why now? Are you stewarding donors and using a friend-raising process to get them really invested before asking for their funds?

Ready to get started developing content that answers these questions succinctly and in a way that encourages more donations, faster? Talk to a member of the Affinity Connection team, at (814) 238-0481 ext 131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


TIPS 2: Is Your Organization Really Ready to Ask for Donations?

If your organization or nonprofit is relatively new, then you may have held off asking for donations for a bit. Maybe youve been raising awareness and existing off the kindness of volunteers and the few donations that pop up when someone identifies with your cause and decides to give out of the blue. But now youre ready to move on to making a bigger impact and you need more funds in order to do so.

However, before you start asking for donations, stop. Are you really ready? Other than your cause, asking for donations is one of the most important things youll do as a nonprofit. It fuels the entire operation. If you dont have things right, right now, you could miss out on a wealth of potential gifts.

According to a Colorado Nonprofit Association study, the reasons people give to an organization are as follows:

They believe an organization is trustworthy.

They believe an organization is well-managed.

They believe an organization is effective.

They believe the organization truly supports a cause they as the donor believes in.

Are you presenting potential donors with all the evidence theyll need to conclude that your organization is trustworthy, well-managed, effective and supportive of a cause they love?

Before you make that first ask, you want to make sure that your organization is well-prepared, clearly capable of making a difference, reaching the potential donors that are most likely to give and presenting those donors with a sense of urgency that is clear and meaningful. If you have all of these down, youre ready to ask for donations. 

Need a little help getting there? Affinity Connection can assist. Our proven, data-driven, storytelling-based methods of fundraising help you ask the right people for donations, the right way.

 Talk to a member of the Affinity Connection team at (814) 238-0481 ext 131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..