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Affinity Team

Greg Woodman

Focus: Leadership, strategy, business development

Affinity connections: Penn State University, Centre Region Entrepreneur Network, Boy Scouts, YMCA of Centre County

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Jodie Dello Stritto

Focus: Client service, program strategy, sales

Affinity connections: Bucknell University, Clearwater Conservancy, Centre Volunteers in Medicine, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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Seth Foresman

 Focus: Creating meaningful content for alumni interest groups

Affinity connections: High School Sports, Former Bands, Record Collectors

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Kelton Fedor

Focus: Project Management, Content Creation, Data Analysis

Affinity Connections: DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

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Melissa Brickell

Focus: Client Relations, Sales & Marketing

Affinity connections: Penn State Football, State College Spikes, Salvation Army, American Legion Riders

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Kimberly Fullam

Focus:Database administration, Web management and development

Affinity connections: State College Community Theater, Mifflinburg Hose Company, Mifflinburg Marching Wildcats

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Lakota Knosp

Focus: Website Administration

Affinity Connections: South Hills School of Business & Technology

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Natasha Schlaffer

Focus: Project Management, Creating meaningful content for alumni interest groups using variable data

Affinity Connections: Penn State School of Theatre, International Thespian Society

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Holly Riddle

Focus: Creating Quality Content and Strengthening Social Media Campaigns

Affinity connections: University of Kentucky

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Bill Brickley

Focus: Graphic Design

Ellen Konkle

Focus: Stakeholder audits, capital campaigns

Affinity connections: Theta Kappa Pi, See Saw Marathan, State College Jaycees

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Christen Bell

Focus: Creating high quality content for non-profit organizations

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Ryan Humes

Focus: Content curation

Affinity connections: Penn State University

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Q: Do you want more alumni support?
A: Of course you do. Everybody does.

Q: Are you willing to invest in caring for your alumni?
A: We are. Our alumni relations programs are risk-free.

Q: Why are we willing to risk our money on your alumni relations program?
A: Because we know it will pay for itself.

Q: Why are we so confident?
A: Because we know what alumni want and we focus 100% of our energy on serving them.

Your alumni are your greatest asset. They are your key to long-term health. Do you know what’s important to them?

Here are some clues:

✗ It’s not the house. Not the leaky roof, not the broken boiler, not the trash on the lawn.

✗ It’s not the capital campaign. Especially if they haven’t heard from you regularly for the past 5-10 years.

✗ It’s not the undergraduates, whether they’re Boy Scouts or bad boys.

Penn State Psi Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa

The alumni volunteers for the Penn State Psi Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa are smart men. When the undergraduate chapter was suspended in 1999, they knew it didn’t mean that the alumni relations program should shut down, too. In fact, they increased alumni communications, hosted more events and kept their members informed and connected during the active chapter’s nine-year hiatus. When the chapter re-colonized in 2008, alumni responded with overwhelming support, to the tune of $22,500 in contributions to the annual fund, outstanding attendance at the recolonization celebration (shown here), and $400,000 in six months for a major fundraising effort—proof that the group’s alumni relations efforts left them perfectly positioned for long-term success.

Sigma Nu Georgia Tech

Sigma Nu at Georgia Tech has raised more than $4 million to completely rebuild its chapter house, thanks to a group of volunteers led by campaign chairman Gary Jones. The secret to his success? He keeps it simple. He recognizes, celebrates and thanks his donors, publicly, effusively and frequently. Gary recently completed a profile book on his top 16 contributors showcasing not only how their gifts made an impact on the fraternity, but how the fraternity made an impact on them. He asked recipients of the mailing to contribute not in support of his cause, but rather in honor of their own Sigma Nu experiences. So far, 391 brothers (and counting!) have contributed to the campaign— this represents 30% of the chapter’s alumni. He’s shown here at the house’s Grand Opening ceremony ribbon cutting.

Here are the facts:

We asked alumni what they want now from their fraternity experience? We heard from 40,000 of them, representing 21 college campuses across the country. Here’s what they said:

What Do You Want out of Your Alumni Experience?

It’s worth repeating. Your alumni are your greatest asset. They will support you, IF you take care of them, if you invest in them, if you give them what they want.

THIS is our mission. Here’s how we do it:

✔ Build a database.
✔ Start a dialogue.
✔ Create meaningful messages.
✔ Communicate and cultivate.
✔ Ask for support.
✔ Track the return.
✔ Analyze the results.
✔ Keep it going.

Beta at Ohio State

Bob Arend, an alumni volunteer for Beta at Ohio State, hosts three major alumni events per year, plus many less formal events, at the coolest locations in Columbus. The Fraternal 50s (pictured here) recognizes outstanding brothers from the era, Beta Roundup features high-profile keynote speakers, and the Christmas party is just a holly-jolly good time. Thanks to the chapter’s dynamic alumni relations program, they annually raise an average of $25,000 from 15% of their alumni.

Phi Delta Theta at Purdue

The alumni volunteers of Phi Delta Theta at Purdue really know how to rally the strength of their alumni (and especially, their muscles). Each year they invite alumni back to the house to participate in a Work Weekend, and brothers flock knowing if they work hard, they’ll play hard, too. The house gets needed repairs at a low cost, and alumni have a great time reuniting with each other. In the end, everyone wins.

Phi Delt volunteers create such a hooplah over this annual event that they even get support from the guys who can’t make it back to town. Last year they raised $5,000 through an alumni phoneathon…in one evening! This annual event has played a part in skyrocketing the organization’s annual giving to more than $38,000.

We know your job as a volunteer is tough (you’re dealing with the leaky roof). We know this sounds pie-in-the-sky (and heck, it’s alluring to just raise a lot of money now). We know you have no time (those undergrads keep you busy).

That’s why we’re here. Our singular focus is to re-engage members of small affinity groups and position those groups for long-term health. And we’re so confident, we put our money where our mouth is.

Let us invest in your greatest asset.

Learn more about our risk-free alumni relations program. Contact Greg Woodman at 800-598-4050 x. 131

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