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Natasha Schlaffer

Natasha Schlaffer
Strategic Program Manager

Since joining the Affinity Team in 2020, strategic program manager Natasha Schlaffer has hit the ground running. As a skilled project manager and a leader with a “learning by doing” approach, she quickly rolled up her sleeves and got into the nitty-gritty of Affinity’s day-to-day operations. From implementing brand new programs across clients, to developing strategic marketing materials for key clients like KCF Technologies, to project managing content production for Affinity’s alumni interest group division, she is consistently results-oriented. Natasha is a versatile and tenacious teammate with a drive to get things done to the highest standard possible.

A storyteller by trade, Natasha is passionate about refining marketing messaging for maximum effectiveness and serving as a strategic advisor to clients in close concert with Affinity CEO, Greg Woodman. Greg has been an invaluable mentor to Natasha since her freshman year at Penn State University; the pair co-taught an Entrepreneurial Leadership course together for three years while she was an undergrad.

Her other pursuits are artistic in nature, and she strongly believes in the power of theatre as a catalyst for political and social change. When she’s not working or rehearsing, Natasha enjoys solo travel, spending time with her friends and her two cats, and relaxing at the beach with a good book in sunny Los Angeles, her hometown (and current base).

Natasha earned her B.F.A. in Acting, Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Certificate in Leadership from Penn State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Mobile: (805) 501-5572

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