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Public Relations

Grow the reach of your group’s mission through targeted public relations and special events

Expand awareness of your group and your mission with stakeholders, the community and potential donors through targeted public relations and special fundraising events.

Public Relations

Garner local, regional, national and international awareness for your organization. Our Vocus technology platform affords access to a vast array of traditional and online media segmented by geographic region, industry and topic.

This turnkey service includes:

  • Campaign development
  • Email distribution
  • Strategic messaging
  • Media release copywriting, design, programming
  • Web distribution
  • Monthly analytical reporting of results

Fundraising Events

Our most successful clients augment their communications plan with meaningful events that increase their fundraising success.

We offer:

  • Turnkey events planning and management
  • Event communications support (invitations, e-mails, collateral, favors)
  • Training and assistance with major gift programs and donor cultivation for major gifts

About Us

Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven "friend-raising" programs that grow donors and donations for nonprofit and membership-based organizations. Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and giving streamline the donor experience, making every interaction personal and meaningful. 

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