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Overcome your fundraising challenges for better results and rewarding donor relations

"By working with Affinity Connection, I know they’re there to guide me and ensure we stay on task, whether it’s on a time perspective or gathering the appropriate addresses or making sure we pinpoint the right target audiences – it really feels like a partnership. It’s not like I’m just out there, on my own – I know we’re working on it together as a team, and that in itself is extremely valuable.”

“I think had we not met Affinity Connection, we would be struggling. We probably would not have a well-prepared annual campaign. I think we would be really struggling with data compilation…we certainly would not have the professional look and feel to our campaign. We would probably be behind schedule, because we don’t have a partner helping us through the critical time milestones.”

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Our annual fund program delivers results

West Texas A&M Athletics

Decreased donor support hurt athletic program • Implemented donor-driven appeals program • Donations increased 25%

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Bishop Carroll High School

Decreased donor support threatened viability of school • Implemented strategic direct marketing plan • Donations increased 500%

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Logan Fire Company

Increased training requirements and decreased donations hurt Company • Implemented donor-driven appeals program • Donations increased 33%

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North Pocono Public Library

While wrapping up a campaign for a new facility, North Pocono Public Library wanted to capitalize on awareness about the project by launching an annual fund.

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Affinity Connection provides strategic, data-driven "friend-raising" programs that grow donors and donations for nonprofit and membership-based organizations. Integrated platforms for data, direct marketing and giving streamline the donor experience, making every interaction personal and meaningful. 

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